'The North Star' 


This beautiful antique 'fine' jewellery piece has been created using a stunning beautifully crafted antique Victorian silver, photo/memento/mourning locket (previously a brooch).  


The locket has intricate textural pyramid stud and star cut out detailing surrounding the smooth dome shaped centre section, which has a heavily embellished 'north star*' shape, again with pyramid stud detail, the angles of which catch the light beautifully.  The outer edge of the piece has pretty scalloped detailing.  


* The north star is commonly known as the brightest star in the constellation:  Long use by sailors and wanderers alike as a guide.  Wearing this mantra as a reminder that no matter how lost you feel, you will always find your way home.  


The back of the piece has its original lens and frame to which an photo or keepsake of a loved one can be placed behind.  


On the reverse side there is a little 'scarring' from where the original pin and hinge has been removed.  This is often the case with brooch conversion pieces and does not spoil their beauty or enjoyment. 


I have coupled this bold statement piece with a fusion of antique silver locket chain and watch chain.  The chain fastens to the side by way of an Albert swivel fastener.


A very special piece which can be worn alone or layered up with any of my other long necklaces to give full impact and drama!


Don't save for best!  Wear with your jeans - Wear with attitude! 

Approximate Measurements:

Neck Length: 17.50 inches 
Locket: 4cm x 3.3cm

This is a quirky one-of-a-kind heirloom piece, bringing the wearer an item of jewellery as exclusive and individual as them. The perfect keepsake or gift to celebrate life's milestone occasions or just life!

Silver Victorian North Star Photo Memento Locket Necklace

  • Be Gentle with Me............... 

    Please treat your vintage jewellery with the care and respect deserving of its age. Rub gently with a soft silver polishing cloth periodically to keep its vibrancy. Please do not bathe in your vintage jewellery. Avoid dropping on hard surfaces. Enjoy!

© 2016 by Lisa de Bidaph  

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