Antique and Flea Markets - goodness they make my pulse race with excitement, my eyes widen and my breath quicken with anticipation of the wonderments to be found - the ultimate! the best! in a never ending quest.

This heady intoxicating mix of emotions, coupled with my creative flair and love of all things antique and vintage (oh yes, and twinkly), ESPECIALLY JEWELLERY! inevitably led me to dreaming up ways to 'reinvent' and 'rework' these scrumptious 'lone' and 'pre-loved' tiny works of art. Whose lives have they shared? What tales could they tell? - a little piece of history........... How could I 'set the stage' to show off this miniature intricate vintage charm, antique fob, Art Deco brooch, or other fine jewellery curio, or perhaps just a small length of deliciously patina'd antique chain I have unearthed? To showcase it and breath new life into it, so that it has it's day in the sun once more.

The Thrill of the Chase and all things Deliciously Decadent............

Enough of that!!! I am getting carried away!

So when not creating up a storm at my soldering block in my workshop (a stable!) You will find me hanging out at Antique Fairs and Flea Markets around the UK and Paris with one of my 5 dogs (they all get a turn, it's only fair). 

To have passion, love your life and enjoy your work is everyone's dream isn't it? Well then, I think I might just be living mine.... :)

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