This beautiful vintage 'fine' jewellery piece has been created using a former Victorian sweetheart brooch in the shape of a crescent moon.


Crescent Moon Trivia:

Crescent moons celebrate the feminine moon goddess and therefore are associated with female empowerment. They also symbolize change, as it turns into a full moon and then back, similar to the ebb and flow of life.  The Victorian's loved to give crescent moon brooches as a wedding gift to a bride, signifying 'new beginning' or a 'new phase' of life. 


The piece is a medium/large sized crescent, with diamond 'paste' stones.  The crescent is solid silver and set with paste stones.  I have coupled the piece on a brand new belcher link chain, which fastens to the back of the neck by a bolt ring clasp.  The necklace has the added advantage of being able to be worn at 2 different lengths.


So very pretty.  Wear alone or awesome layered with any of my other charm necklaces.


Wear it for good luck and brilliance in any phase of your life. 


Approximate Measurements:

Necklace length: 17.75 inches can also be worn at 16 inches

Crescent Measures: 3.5cm 


This is a quirky one-of-a-kind heirloom piece, bringing the wearer an item of jewellery as exclusive and individual as them. The perfect keepsake or gift to celebrate life's milestone occasions or just life!

Antique Silver & Paste Crescent Moon Necklace 'Moondance'

  • Be Gentle with Me............... 

    Please treat your vintage jewellery with the care and respect deserving of its age. Rub gently with a soft silver polishing cloth periodically to keep its vibrancy. Please do not bathe in your vintage jewellery. Avoid dropping on hard surfaces. Enjoy!

© 2016 by Lisa de Bidaph  

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