I Bet You Never Noticed?

My branding 'Mandala' (looks kinda like a lace doily) is made up of teeny tiny images of all my fav vintage charms - can you see how many you can identify hidden in there?

Skulls, Swallows, Bird Cages, Keys, Hearts, Anchors, Ships Anchor Chains, Horseshoes, Flowers, Feathers .....

Have you ever noticed my branding?

Always a difficult (even had sleepless nights over it!) decision to settle on when it comes to deciding upon an image for ones logo/branding.

My Logo can be broken up into 2 separate entities in their own right, the Moth and the Mandala. They can also work as a team laying one upon the other, for double whammy impact.

Either way, ALOT of time and thought went into these 2 little images that represent my brand.

Why a Moth?

Well...... I'm always visiting antique fairs (naturally), rummaging in dusty old boxes looking for hidden treasures and one day whilst hunting down vintage velvet and leather jewellery cases, (useful to photograph and showcase my jewellery pieces in) a moth flew out of one as I opened it!

The moth along with the old velvet boxes, which all looked as though they had been untouched for decades and now been dragged out of an attic; for the occasion, rudely disturbing said Moth, not to mention, relocating his/her County in the process!

Lastly........ When I spy something sparkly.... I'm drawn like a Moth to the Flame :)

Which Moth?

Googling Images of the pretties and the ugliest!! moths on the planet - it had to be (of course), the 'Death Hawk Moth' as, anyone who knows me, will agree - I have a 'penchant' for skulls and the 'Death Hawk Moth' has a marking resembling a 'skull' on its body/thorax - Nuff said!

So the basis of my Logo was born - now to personalise that Death Hawk and make it my own, unique, mine only.

The beautiful Art Deco design and lines that depicts my Moth is a reflection of one of the many wonderful periods that I admire and from which much of my vintage jewellery is sourced. A couple of Evil Eyes (a popular timeless symbol used for jewellery pieces and a talisman) were incorporated just as a precautionary measure to ward off any negative thoughts towards me or my business.

So - with all bases covered the life cycle of this particular Moth was complete.

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